Persönliche Einschätzung eines thailändischen Bürgers zur momentanen politischen Situation

Veröffentlicht: November 29, 2013 in Uncategorized


Bangkok 28th of Nov. 2013

About the protest. It’s really bad, but it’s the tip of an ice berg. Wait til the king passes away and we will see Thailand completely in a disaster. The future’s dim. You can mark my word for that. What makes this thing so unclear today is that we, Thai people, have the culture that we don’t face the truth. This includes the fact that we can’t talk about the king in public. People here hate Taksin and they’re scared that Taksin will become a president one day after the king so they want to get rid or at least prevent Taksin to come back. First, we have to open up the issues what would happen after the king. What system do we want for our countries since probably half the country also hate the crown prince. I don’t like Taksin in particular, but I see the need to reform this country. It’s not about Thaksin, it’s the whole thing. We act as if the king will last forever and Taksin will not come back so long as we are in the street protesting. I wish I knew the ways out, but I don’t. None of us do.

Thanks a lot to Lak for sharing her view on the things down in Thailand.


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